Tuesday, October 15, 2013


picture credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Purple-Poison-29200182

The demon still hovers on billboards, in stores,
in people around me, in musical chords,
he’s built a huge stage with gold as his wares
for those to please enter his devious snares.
And though his smooth voice, now familiar to me,
can’t lead me to mischief, the ultimate deed,
his power’s around me, each hour, each day,
taunting and tempting his pleasurable ways.

From him I can’t hide, can’t pretend he’s not there,
I’d lie if I said that I no longer care,
for seven long years he has been in my wake,
yet still I keep hov’ring between love and hate.
…as much as I wish for that carefree numb mood,
its pleasure I lived for, with passion pursued,
I can never find it again, I have changed,
it tore me to pieces, we are now estranged.

 In support of OcSober - http://www.enca.com/south-africa/ocsober-challenge-can-you-go-month-without-alcohol 


  1. glad for those that have the courage to break that cycle...its a rough relationship, makes a lot of promises that it never fulfils...keep it in your wake...

  2. Shadow! I have heard the easiest--maybe the ONLY--way to be rid of something, is to replace it with something else. Example: for me, to free from an attachment, I needed to attach myself closer to God. Attachment became a "nothing".

    But even then, old devil finds the way back. He even tempted the human Jesus. So why should I be free of his wary ways?

    You sound GREAT, girl..."Keep Up The Good Work"--KUTGW

  3. Re: The link above...

    OcSober challenge. Sounds like good time for bartenders in SA to take their holiday!--grin!

  4. Wonderful to see you back and in the flow. Love this piece!

  5. What a wonderful poem! So glad I passed by. Well done. I used to work in a Drug and Alcohol detox centre.

  6. Almost 15 years and these past 2 months I have never wanted a drink more. Carry on I tell myself, just carry on.

  7. I'm glad that you and the Poison are estranged. Good one, Shadow. Nice to read you again. Hope that all is going well.