Monday, July 26, 2010

the mask removed

Your words sweet as sugar ran over me, wrapping my whole in warmth,
sweet as the song of an angel at dawn, soft as the eyes of a fawn.
And I knew I was right to believe in you, that we were meant to be,
the tears weren’t in vain, no matter what, we’d triumph again and again.
So sweet were your words, unexpected, unsought, making it all worthwhile,
it could only mean I was right to trust in you for all this time.

...and the hands of the clock kept ticking away relentlessly, mute was the telephone, the world filled with silence as the streets stayed still, the streets that would mark your return. In time the darkness replaced the golden rays as the sun bowed its final farewell making way for deep shadows to cast dark plays of torment and pain over walls. And the silence once peaceful now echoes with voices that taunt and sneer abuse, making a mockery of those words, those words I chose to believe.

In midnightly hours I see a face, with angles rigid and stiff,
lips in a hard line and hooded the eyes, bearings that take and not give.
Yet the voice is familiar, but in the tone I hear duplicity’s groove,
your voice rubs the wounds with the salt of your deeds, it’s you with your mask removed.



  1. You're back writing again!! How wonderful. I am so pleased. You don't know how you've been missed. And once again, your talent for words is just outstanding.

    Sorry, I didn't respond to your comment you left for me the other day. Time slipped away too quickly. But I made sure I stopped here this morning before sunrise, so I wouldn't miss you again.

    Welcome back Shadow!!

  2. I missed your words so much! Once again you captured my spirit!Blessings*

  3. September 1st? Oh I want photos posted here?! Yes. Keep us all up to date. GOOD LUCK!!! How exciting.

  4. your voice rubs the wound with the salt of your always a very moving write...

  5. Shadow Dancing...
    Your words are as beautiful as your soul.
    I've lived this poem of yours.

  6. Hi Shadow, I'm loving your poetry! =)
    And my interpretation of this poem is:

    You have finally seen through the face of a person for who she or he is, and that is a good thing. Even if it hurts, the truth shall untangle you from the unnecessary cords to an illusion.

    Take care poet! :)

  7. So glad to see you post dear one. That picture is awesome to go along with an equally awesome post. Thank you dear for sharing.

  8. Oh man, I've seen THAT movie myself. Nicely done, my friend.

  9. Glad you are back! How wonderful wirtten again.

  10. Your skill is amazing - your words are entrancing - your mood is a bit scary.

    I hope all is well with you.

  11. Trusting someone enough to remove our own mask is risky, and then to be hurt by someone who turns into a stranger is painful. In my case, when my sweet hubby became a raving stranger in the midst of his last manic episode, it caused me enough grief to get help for myself. I will never again be the same. A horrible episode was the impetus for growth in me and now in us. Your words are clear. Loud and clear.

  12. some great verses...

    "as the sun bowed its final farewell"

    "your voice rubs the wound with the salt of your deeds"

    and all I can walk away saying is, "Ouch."

  13. oh how I have missed you... your words come from your being and I love them.

    this was so very powerful and this my favorite

    "In time the darkness replaced the golden rays as the sun bowed its final farewell making way for deep shadows to cast dark plays of torment and pain over walls. "

    I get lost in words like this.... and hopefully do not remove my mask..

  14. There is no pain more hurtful, than that which is given from a once upon a time you loved me persona.

    Missed you sweet friend. (Hugs)Indigo

  15. Aah, in the Shadow of the Mask.

    Cheers!..once again.

  16. "..making a mockery of those words, those words I chose to believe."

    This is officially one of my favorites. :)

  17. Such truth to the tale. Excellent piece.

  18. Beautiful!
    Masks have to be removed sooner or later. Who can bear to wear them for life?

  19. this is very powerful, i can really relate to your line, "but in the tone I hear duplicity’s groove,your voice rubs the wounds with the salt of your deeds, it’s you with your mask removed."

    thank you for stopping by.

    warm smiles,

  20. yeah in d course of time many masks get removed......d person widout is mask is sumtym much much bitter den d worst.....
    nicely written..

  21. Too bad the first stanza of life can't be frozen.
    Life happens as does pain.

    Beautifully wrought words

    Smiles from the Moon

  22. First of all, welcome back!!!

    You've implied the importance, and the risk of trust.

  23. I too have lived what you describe - and sorry to say - more than once.

    Sigh! Life can be so beautiful and yet so cruel.

    Beautiful if sad words.


  24. Those masks that are put up are hard to see behind. Glad to read you Shadow as always.

  25. This has got to be one of your best so far.

    I've realized that your writing uses a lot of words that show the power of emotions and the combinations of these words are rather breath taking and stunning.

    The beautiful imagery that you evoke in the minds of your readers is truly jaw-dropping.

    So, write on!

  26. Yes, we've all been there at some point or other. So glad to see you back again. I have a request: Could you please write something happy now and then? Life does have it's happy moments you know.
    Blessings, Star

  27. i wonder....
    now the mask removed
    do you love him even more?

  28. this is very warm and good to have... to feel... few changes on the structure but your style is unique and will never perish.

    oh Shadow , thank you for visiting me today... it has been so long that i don't appear here and read you .
    i miss that.
    i have worked a lot in another projects .

  29. Wow! Your words are so beautiful to read, even when they are describing something tragic.

  30. your voice rubs the wounds with the salt of your deeds, it’s you with your mask removed.

    LOVEd these words.

  31. Love it, love it! Keep the passions flowing, Shadow. You are a master, girl!

  32. So glad your back!! This one is perfect for you to return with, shows your immense talent!

  33. frikken sweet n soft just can never be trusted, can it Shads? But we'll fall for it again. and again. Lovely telling. ~rick

  34. This one hit home, Shadow. It's like a punch to the solar plexus, we believe, we hold out hope for genuineness and light and then reality.

    So good to read you again!

  35. sorry but I had to read it again.... and to tell you the truth it just gets better and better each time....

  36. You have described it so well that i could imagine it. The pic compliments your piece.

  37. wonderful! where had you disappeared? as you can see how much you were missed!
    do visit:
    and leave ur valuable comment.

  38. Hauntingly beautiful, Shadow. The pain of deception and betrayal has never been expressed more eloquently. Glad you're back!!

  39. Miss,
    I always find it a little strange to comment on someone's writing or poetry, since poems speak for themselves. I don't want to speculate on what was meant because once they are public, the meaning no longer belongs to the writer. It belongs to all who may read it, but your writing has immense talent and is really a joy to read.
    Kindest Thoughts,

  40. Hi,
    I'm happy to be back reading your wonderful texts again.
    It's so meaningful...
    Your poems makes me reflect..

    Thanks for sharing

  41. Missed your words and the depth within. Good to read you again.

  42. You my dear, have been in my thoughts...September is coming so quickly. How's the practice going?

  43. I don't know you at all, but your words so often haunt me. Nice work!

  44. came over to see what was new... and leave knowing if this were the end, it succeeded....

    love it all over again.

  45. Your words and the way you have put it is truly amazing. Keep on writing.

  46. Everything has been figured out, except how to live.
    Jean-Paul Satre.
    Keep writing.

  47. This is multifaceted.
    filled with love and angst.
    So glad to hear from you,
    I missed you!
    Keep writing.

  48. Such realizations always comes with a deep pain, don't know why.