Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I'm Fine

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“I’m fine”, but I’m slowly drowning
in the vast ocean of pretense
that stretches never-ending.
Every motion further crumbles
off a little piece of life,
lost to the darkness
that spreads like a fire escaping
the howling winds of pain,
driving insanity
to the roaring crescendo
of a soul that’s ever dying.


  1. Shadow quit saying you're fine when your life feels like shit. That may make the person who asked you how you're doing feel OK, but you know everything that is masked by that "I'm Fine" is shit. If a soul who can't handle the truth then they are just being perfunctorily polite, that doesn't mean you have to hold it inside. If the one asking truly cares for you they will stop and sit and brainstorm until lightening comes out your ears and things begin to look better.

    If everyone one were honest when asked then maybe, just maybe, we'd not only find out who are our friends and lovers but all the shit that is crumbling might get glued together faster.

    "Hey WM, how you doing?"
    "Pretty shitty"
    "Wanna talk about it?"
    "No, but misery love company and if you're buying the coffee why not?"

    Be Well, don't die yet, that would suck.

    1. Yeah "fuck it" or "fuck 'em" has gotten me through many an idle wrong thought. Once past the eyes and brain and into the unknown place of calm shit just seems to work out.

  2. Doesn't sound remotely fine to me. So, why do we always say that?

  3. ha. WM is wise. and its true...fine is a cop out...we may be surviving but only by a little you know...and that is not good enough...when we start getting honest with each other i think it will be a much better world...and stop worrying about sharing our burdens...

  4. How different, how HAPPY (No Matter What!) life can be here on earth, when we stop pretending!
    B E L I E V E M E...I know. (Also "know" how to GET there (here).
    WHEN the student is ready, teacher will appear, Verena..
    PEACE and LIGHT, my Friend

  5. Oh wow. Sounds more like a depressed person trying to put up a face.

  6. a yes, some days this is the "fine" I feel too. Your writing as ever, is fine, fine, fine.

  7. I think that you know that FINE is fucked, insecure, neurotic and emotional. I just say what I'm really feeling and avoid the FINE.