Friday, January 31, 2014

Leave me to dream


A sense of oppression as the first breath of dawn,
filters  through dreams wherein deeply I’m drawn,
content in designs the subconscious explained,
daybreak now heralds reality’s chains.

The veil that the night casts on stones to deflect,
cracks and dark stains so your soul can connect,
with the tendrils the angels your road with have lined,
home to the place they for you have designed.


  1. cool...i like the cadence and rhyme scheme in this...i like that you moved from oppression to that promise of the place the angels have designed...

  2. Whenever I see YOU in my sidebar, I KNOW I'm in for a written treat.

    A sense of "Holy God, thank You!" appears in my brain immediately upon awakening.
    Then I reach out, shut off alarm, and partake off what I had just thanked God."

    Your pictures are always well-chosen, Shadow.
    Your poems seem to thread their way through darkness.
    I PRAY that your life is far happier than that implies.
    PEACE and LIGHT, girl!

  3. Fascinating imagery and, as always, the language is hauntingly beautiful

  4. Thinking about walking along that road. Beautiful and haunting in such a sad way. Hope that you are doing well.