Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Shadows of Time

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The doors slam shut, one by one,
in time with the second hand.  Her eyes become dim,
a gray curtain drops like a heavy mist,
“breathe, breathe” a mantra in her head,
and her heart thunders down the disused highway
towards the shadows of the mountain range,
far from all she knows, from who presume to know her...
she flees toward an emptiness, comforting to her alone,
to soothe the ragged edges of her being
that are bleeding, in the here and now,
where she doesn’t belong, maybe never did...
in this silence she pulls her tattered pieces together,
gathers her wayward thinking into neat and tidy bundles,
and she reins in her wilful, rebellious nature,
before appearing to you on a cold summer’s morning,
the dew on her naked skin luminous with warmth,
when she returns to gathers you back into her fold.


  1. And why does she return? Every single time? Why doesn't she remain lost (or rather found?)

    Every one of your pieces hits so close to my heart, it's unbelievable. Your writing speaks my mind!

    This is amazing...the whole description is really vivid and keeps you on edge the whole time only to end on such a cozy!

  2. I love the lat 4 lines in particular...everything coming full circle again...

  3. that willful nature is not always easy to rein in...but I like gathering the pieces back together...and the inclusion of them there in the end.....

  4. Memories can hold us captive, as your poetry captivates me and so many others. I am with Yash, I must say Wow. It is always a delight to stop by here Shadow. :-)

  5. I don't know that I completely understand, but your words appear to describe an embrace or envelopment.

  6. How delicate and slow moving. Your words are really descriptive and nice to read.