Tuesday, March 8, 2016

To the Dreamers

picture source: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/375909900128346389/

There’s no life left in this air,
frozen deer caught in the glare,
I am pulled in ways, all four,
with myself I am at war.
Where’s the hunger, pleasures’ sigh,
if it’s gone then I must die.

Hollow silence fills my heart,
from myself I am apart,
lost, the touch, and lost, my friend,
lost our words, until the end.
I’m amiss, at darkness’ door,
I’m a dreamer, I must soar.

Caught I may be, in currents tow,
yesterday’s gone, it’s time to go,
deep the desire, determined the flesh,
mine is the choice I must express.
Free the hunger, indulge pleasures’ sigh,
my dream it won’t, it won’t just die…


  1. How beautiful. I haven't dared to dream in a long time but I think I am ready to at least entertain the possibility of something more. Is it too late? I hope not. Does the hope make us suffer even more or does inspire us to move forward?

    1. Love the deep reflection in your comment.

      I especially liked, Does the hope make us suffer even more, or inspire us to move forward.

      Dare to dream...

    2. Hollow silence fills my heart,
      From myself I am apart.

      All beautiful words, but that last verse was wow!

      Have a pleasant week, Shadow.

  2. The dream isn't dead until we are. Very moving!

  3. ... hollow silence ? ... not me ... always open to explore ... and in order to get away from this spiral of death, friend Shadow ... try this: Make one(1) person smile per day ... that would be 365 smiling peeps by the end of this year ... smiles ...Love, cat.

  4. Good question...I'd love to dream and have it manifest... again.

  5. Thank you for this pleasure

  6. that is a beautiful rhyming poem! i loved the tenor and of course, the rhyme :)

  7. I get it dear friend. No dreamer am I, realism is my preferred choice.

    I myself feel the tearing, the silences, the wonder if the dreams are worthy of the effort knowing that they will be stretched beyond recognition.

    For myself, and not many can contain it, but I have known my strongest emotion for so long that it is near all of me--anger. People don't recognize it, don't acknowledge it, and that's fine. I do not lash out but I find plenty to be angry over in this world and from that tint on the glasses I am able to deal well in a rough and violent city. I'd rather be feared for what I may do, than loved for who I truly am.

    Be well my sister in thought and never let anything tear you apart, just knowing you are on the planet strengthens my resolve to live longer just to piss off them who would hold me down.

  8. I am afraid to be caught in that dream that will never fade and die ~ Love the passion in your voice ~

  9. I completely understand the emotion conveyed here, and perhaps even the undercurrents of hopelessness or just a sense of drifting aimlessly in search of something...

    I am a dreamer but not sure how much soaring I've done lately. Life seems to be dragging me down by my wings.

  10. your voice is magic... still

    mark, well said, as always

  11. Hi, new follower here! I love this! Very strong voice... And ironically, I just did a dreamers post too :)

  12. I can't say enough for accolades here today!! So rhythmic are your words, and the picture you share in thoughts are astounding.

  13. Evocative words. Thanks for visiting my Peace post and staying to comment. It meant a lot.

  14. What beautiful poetry Shadow! I love it! Thank you! I'm a prose writer, not a poet,but I so envy those who are! I am a friend of Roland and Yolanda. I've followed you here. Pleased to meet such talent!

  15. Love to know the inspiration behind this one. It's very melancholy, almost nostalgic.

  16. So touching... A wise soul once told me.. To always follow my dreams... Perhaps returning this advice applies here?
    Thank you for your sweet comment my dear. Be well!!!

  17. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay this seems like kind of a sad poem but it also mayks me want a biskit!!! of korse i yoozhually do want a biskit so maybe this is not serprizing!!! ok bye

  18. To the dreamers indeed.....I can only sigh....truly stunning Shadow!!

  19. An ode to the dreamers...how I love this. Thank you for the light you spread <3

  20. So unique and lovely!
    You're an amazing writer!

  21. ...hunger,pleasure's sigh
    Hollow silence fills my heart
    From myself I am apart
    Mine is the choice I must express...............
    ............Just the snippets of a shared anxiety........