Friday, March 25, 2016

Vibrations in the Wind

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I walk outside, feel the wind pulling this way and that,
look up into storm clouds building, growing angry and dark,
that is where I see us, secluded at the edge of a forest,
locked in by fantasy and time.

That night the full moon dodges through clouds,
playing hide-an-seek with shadows, sleek, dressed in silver mist,
chasing across new skies, seen by but oh way too few,
as they become the vibration in the wind.


  1. To stand still and be aware is becoming a lost art. Beautiful poem.

  2. Certainly a place that reminds one they are alive....beautiful Shadow!!

  3. Exceptional. You've touched every aspect of it a situation you're dealing with, or a couple/lovers. No matter, it shows the connection. Love it.

  4. wonderful, thank you, have a great weekend

  5. Caught on the beautiful moment! What a pic!

  6. "look up into storm clouds building, growing angry and dark," I really like this line, very visual...
    Lovely piece...

    peace and love

  7. I see us at the edge of the forest knowing that no locks could hold us, we stay where we are because we know ourselves and are where wish to be.

  8. " they become vibration in the wind"....and so it ends.