Wednesday, December 14, 2016

A Touch Deranged...

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I no longer wish to face the constant flow of inventions flowing forth from your lips,
the lies a cloud of purple poison stretching in my direction,
incongruities bold as black print on plain white paper,
innocently unaware I see every falsehood you present
with an enthusiasm bolstered by the steadfastness offered
only, by a mind a touch deranged.


  1. Nice use of Word Wizardry to send the knife of feelings

  2. Sounds like my ex-husband or our soon to be president.

  3. Sometimes it is difficult to filter out the false words from the true...

  4. Wow, who hasn't felt this at one time or another? Nicely done, Shadow.

  5. It takes a certain amount of derangement to navigate the seas of fellowship and commodity.