Friday, December 9, 2016

Quiet Permanence

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Had I accepted the cold breeze
that wind-still summers night
as your touch, the pronouncement of your presence,
verifying the choice flittering in my thoughts,
dismissed as wishful, my wistful nature
casting it as a dream, an impossible dream.

Had I believed, accepted and allowed you in,
dismissed distrust to the wonders my eyes perceived,
to the love all around I'd no longer felt, my part in your life
and my role in their completion,

had I followed my instincts that wind-still summers night
maybe I wouldn’t have disappeared into quiet permanence.


  1. Sounds like regret. This is the time of year for it. Your words say so much so beautifully. My imagination can make me believe if only I had been more perfect we would be living happily ever after.

  2. I can really feel this one, really resonates

  3. This can be taken many ways...
    Good or bad, the ways of a heart aren't easy

  4. A quiet permanence! Wow, beautiful phrase, it captures the emotion so perfectly.

  5. Lovely, lovely poem, friend Shadow ... "and that's just how it is" ... Always, cat.

  6. Maybe or maybe not my friend. I for one am not going to second guess yesterday. I accept what was as it was perceived and what is as it is felt. What more can an old man do?