Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Cigarettes, Whiskey and The Blues

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Forever summer
a life strewn with light
time could not touch me
all was gold and right
until illusion
collided with the truth
I lost it all then
the innocence of youth
now I’m crying
without you
I don’t know myself
this world so strange so new
I am dying
I’m nothing
without you
who took it all
every dream I wrote
entwined in every thought
I am sinking and still I hope……
Your callous deeds
changed me
still I can’t hate
I am praying
changes you.


  1. The loss of our innocence always has far reaching effects. Such an enjoyable poem and very striking. Greetings to you!

    1. Loss of innocence is always connected to growing pains, friend B ... Love, cat.

  2. I know little of poetry and prose but I know what I feel when I read this. As I deny and fight the lump that makes it hard to breathe I stuff down something I will pretend is not there.

  3. So sad. Praying is all you can do at that point.

  4. Oh, is there no darkness, no pain, no smoke like a broken heart

  5. This pulls at my heartstrings, I know this feeling well.

  6. Very creative photo and loss hurts ~ loving writing ~ ^_^

  7. There was a time when I did hate. I believe I'm mostly over that. It's a lot easier on me. I don't guess it bothered them any either way.

  8. Me heavily involved in cigarettes and blues, friend Shadow ... but not much regarding whiskey ... as does not agree with me ... last time I tried was in a Seattle hotel ... or maybe it was rum ... me don't remember ... but I do remember the police knocking at my hotel room door cuz I apparently I was singing a bit too loud or something ... ya ... Love, cat.

  9. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm i do not think we hav enny cigarettes heer but we do hav whiskey!!! not that i ever git to hav enny on akkownt of krool krool dada will not shayr!!! i am not shoor if we hav the blooz tho we definitly hav red that is me and blak and wite those ar the hipster kitties!!! ok bye

  10. Well, now, there's always hope! But then, there's reality! Which will collide with hope, yes?

    Promising words yet futile too. I like this!!