Sunday, February 24, 2019

No more Fear!

I do not want to live in fear anymore, I do not want ‘what if’, ‘in case’ or ‘might’, I want to face each day with a clear conscious, I want to look forward to unravelling the hours without a thought or a worry, pure joy is what I want.

I do not want to live with guilt anymore, I want to look at and discard every horror and nightmare, I want to accept people and words at face value, I want to experience the day unhampered, footsteps light without the weight not mine to bear, and forgiven!, every transgression, wrong doing and betrayal, from myself, is what I seek.

And no!, too much has been lost in history, a simple recipe or the formula to wonder, knowledge vanished, secrets gone to the grave. Do not believe ‘all will be revealed in the end’, it induces the fear to keep you caged, obedient and transparent, I will live for myself, by my belief, by my heart.

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  1. Lovely, simply lovely. Thank you Shadow. My daughter and I had a beautiful conversation about this.