Sunday, February 3, 2019

Take Back the Night

If you come with me tonight
I will take you to some might say hell,
I will take from every sense
‘til there’s nothing left in you to quell,
I’ll drive you even further
than the boundary you thought you had,
take and give, no, don’t hold back,
come with me, in this night, in this spell.

All alone when you wake up,
when you feel, when it’s too dark to see,
you’ll face regret and wonder
were you partner or an abductee
yet in your mind’s eye they play
the visions of what we unfolded
a need ingrained forever,
we'll meet again some day I foresee.


  1. Charlee: "We can't quite identify with this because, being cats, we own the night."
    Chaplin: "Yes it's pretty much never too dark for us to see."
    Charlee: "But we know how humans get when it's dark, so we'll try to put ourselves in Mama and Dada's shoes."
    Chaplin: "In Charlee's case, literally -- she's obsessed with sticking her face in Mama's shoes!"

  2. I can relate, friend Shadow, I can relate. In memory of my lil daughter Jennifer Rose (Feb26 - Oct09, 1986). Much love, cat.