Saturday, June 20, 2020


I walk through fresh air and sunshine, not a care in the world, it’s a weekend afternoon after all,
children are running across lawns and fields all energy, excited voices and boisterous laughter,
a cat is sitting on a tree stump sunning itself, tail swishing lazily back and forth, disinterested gaze,
the ocean in the distance is calm, currents drawing streaks in all varieties of blue, 
the horizon flat and beckoning, whilst the mountains majestically guard this valley,
a silent solid strength crystal clear against the winter blue sky, so much life, so much tranquillity, so much natural joy and beauty……

……spoilt by the masks I see, incomprehensible, as these are healthy people wandering about,
folk living in a fear that hasn’t reached or touched them or their loved ones directly yet has destroyed and completely changed their neighbourhood, their community, their way of life.
Think for a moment, if information wasn’t spilling lies into our heads and heart as easily as it is, through our phone, tab, television, social media, if people still reacted to what they faced and witnessed instead of what they were told, enhanced by stage acts shot in our streets, this lie would never have perpetuated to this point where the citizens of this world are held prisoners in their home, have become fearful of touch, even from their loved ones, are held hostage by their governments, where, when we obey, we may be rewarded with our God given right to (their selected) freedom of movement and association…..

……and looking at what I see before me, today should be another perfectly peaceful day in paradise, without strife, without worry, without threats, without fear, today should be a perfect slide into a trouble-free, love-filled Saturday night, how can we allow them to take this away from us?!?!?!?


  1. We don't let them take it away from us anymore.

  2. Thanks for the share Shadow.
    We are hoping for brighter and mask free days soon.
    God bless.