Thursday, December 31, 2020

31 December 2020


 The last day of the year and my heart is filled with sadness,

sadness for the madness prevailing on this plane,

sadness for the masses knowingly or unknowingly deceived,

sadness for the anger directed at the wrong people,

sadness for the lack of empathy that exists,

sadness for the callous nature in which humanity is being persecuted,

sadness for those living unnecessarily in fear,

sadness for those who have no hope,

sadness for those who don’t see a future,

sadness for the misdirected,

sadness for the broken,

sadness for the lost,

sadness for a time gone by, never to return,

sadness for the loss of freedom,

sadness for the loss of joy,

sadness for the anger trapped in so, so many people,

sadness for the lonely,

sadness for the isolated,

sadness for memories that feel like a fairy tale,

sadness for the youth who have to live this out,

sadness for the elderly whose entire reality has been removed,

sadness for the loss of love,



…and I pray the love and joy still alive

will overtake and consume all the evil, the darkness, the threats, the deception,

and may the devil take his own and depart from my reality, and this plane, forever.




  1. I feel your pain. I cried on and off yesterday but feel hopeful today. We will continue stronger than ever before. We have to dig deep to find the courage to face every day. Happy New Year

  2. so much sadness, but let us pray for the light to win...

  3. These sadness co-exist with happiness. A lesson to be learnt at each emotional state. One thing I am sure is, be in a state of happiness and spread a bit as much I can. I will obviously give that I have.