Thursday, December 3, 2020

Worlds beyond our World


 Nights are still the most peaceful place to dwell in,

the silence of a soft rustling in the hedge, a hooting owl, in the far-off distance a barking dog,

the darkness of the brightly sparkling stars, dimming as night by night the moon is growing,

the perfection of lack of sight opening your vision to worlds beyond ours,

to dreams in magnificent colour and detail you can taste them, smell them,

you want them so badly, a slight tilt would topple you into the unknown and steal your soul forever

and all you’d leave behind were the footprints on the paths you walked

and the tears shed by those who were true to you, shared your life, loved you,

yes, I would not hesitate to fall into that unknown, the façade of this world has crumbled

and I can bear no more the degradation, destruction, dissolution, maliciousness and greed

that rules this plane, and what I see to be possible, underscores the depth of your deception,

and is also the starting point of your demise.



  1. Proof that some things are darker than night.

  2. This is beautiful and sad at the same time. Those of us that are willing to take the time to be awake wonder "what is the point?" We can't go there we have to hold on to hope and know that we have made a difference. You have made a difference with your beautiful words. Thank you

  3. I often find solace in night. So much has changed in the world and within us. I wonder what the other side of darkness might look like. I hear hymn of hope somewhere in your words.

    Peace and light...