Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the scent of fresh limes

one bright dawn came the day that she spread her new wings
from a place safe, protected, where she left many things
to an unknown horizon that her beckoned and called
to a life that was different and open, unwalled

and she travelled to sidewalks where the grey cement bloomed
to a tangle of noise from so many that roomed
on top of the other, with the walls where paint peeled
where a bleakness hung thick, yet to her it appealed

disbelief made him ask, “what are you doing here,
for you sure don’t belong in this pub drinking beer.”
yet she moved little nearer, reaching out to his hand
when she whispered a wish that he wouldn’t withstand

with his eyes overcast he just stared at her zest
then he told her quite frankly, “life here is a test
where the strongest survive, many crumble and fall,
while many just fade in a liquid highball.“

“go back to your life where you get what you want,
where you eat without thought in a smart restaurant.
remain over there, where you know all the rules,
being poor really sucks and the love quickly cools.”

...many years now have passed and he wonders sometimes
what became of the girl with the scent of fresh limes
who embroiled herself sweetly in a life not her own
before leaving one day, just a text on his phone



  1. Missed not seeing you. Great welcome back post Shadow. Blessings to you dear one.

  2. Chased from one place because she didn't fit doesn't preclude her wings from carrying her to another where she doesn't quite fit either. Silly man made his choice.

  3. She went out exploring and he tryed to save her...
    Nice poem!


  4. the girl with the scent of fresh times...nice. was just wondering about you last night...

  5. Oh this work today Shadow can show so many sides of life. A loner who wants more from life, one who would venture out to the 'new' surroundings only to find it's not a match made in heaven...oh so many scenarios on this one. And, I like it.

    Of course, you've been sorely missed. I really need my 'Shadow' fix you know. LOL

    Hope your Wednesday has treated you well so far. And, thanks for your compliments today.

  6. "...many years now have passed and he wonders sometimes
    what became of the girl with the scent of fresh limes
    who embroiled herself sweetly in a life not her own
    before leaving one day, just a text on his phone..."

    I guess all of us meet someone and then years later wonder what happened to that person..

    Very catchy poem, shadow.

  7. A bit different, but still awesome. I'm glad you posted. I was beginning to wonder where you went.

  8. thank you dear Shadow for your kind, warm words on my blog. i feel connected to this piece...

    eloquently written.

    warm smiles,

  9. Shadow Dancing...
    Another Classic!!
    Thank You.

  10. sad and hopeful all at the same time. I love the photo!

  11. i can't believe you posted this today !!!
    it would be one of my favorites in any day .
    but TODAY !!!
    thank you dear Shadow .

  12. Another great poem. You quickly caught me within the story, and left me wondering along right along with him.

  13. I love this one. Truly. It touched me.

  14. while many just fade in a liquid highball

    Loved this line

  15. this is the real world and i love how you bring it to life.


  16. How fortunate for her to meet that particular man who would give her such good advice and not take advantage. Hopefully she found where she did fit. We can make it so in our fantasies, yes?

  17. Something was unresolved between them if he still wonders about her.

  18. it's amazing the people that will linger in our minds eye, even just through passing... lovely post, as always.

  19. What a wonderful tale. We can fly as we wish upon wings sheer will. Knowing life is ours to fulfill.

  20. i am a saver, emails, texts you name it...
    sounds like somebody is wishing for a renewed memory -
    love to go back and look how things started...
    that post of mine was my first post on your web....

  21. Great representation of reality-the poem and picture just fit together perfectly.

  22. Oh how sad this makes me feel. Beautiful poem.

  23. What a romantic story I see here...
    Lovely one, dear S.

  24. Welcome back shadow! That young women in the image looks like you.

    Could this be a little bit of shadow history?
    There has to be some reason for you being so kind and caring

  25. Life is an adventure... should we choose it. This girl obviously did. A wonderful piece!

  26. Shadow- this is my favorite thing I've read here ever. There is a feeling here. a deep tenderness and tears supressed. This moved me a lot and i intend to return to it. Thank you. Gotta ask. The pic?

  27. Reminds me of that song, "Sophisticated Lady"...oh, the lyrics are SO sad.

  28. Nice post.. :))

    Welcome back.. :)

    Take care

  29. Ah ...welcum back after a halt...

    That's the reality ,we follow up certain lines and life's .....


  30. Never underestimate the power of a determined woman, or someone who finally has come out of their shell once and for all. What a beautiful post, awesome story ---I envisioned every detail in my mind. Only great writers have the ability to do that to the reader...

  31. what a little lime can do...
    there is a youtube viral video of that name , my friend made. Cheers!

  32. This is going up as one of my all time favorirtes Shadow, the voice in it is so very modern and today sounding and I just loved it!

    I am a sucker for rhyming I think, also limes! lol

  33. Sometimes it's a girl - sometimes it's a direction, the path not followed. In either case - you're always left to wonder.

    Sometimes you make me happy. Sometimes you make me sad. Sometimes you make me feel a little randy. And sometimes, like this time, you make me think. But at all times and in all cases - you are amazing.

  34. Very nice. I loved this as I always do your poems


  35. She's outta here....;)

    You are such a talent, Shadow!

  36. one of the most intriguing creatures is one which speaks of snake.

    Me too ....

  37. I found each line as magical. And your mastery reflects.. in each words! Cool stuff!

  38. This one strikes a chord, especially the part about the scent of fresh limes, but I can't explain why!

  39. Wow, Shads, where did this wonderful little story poem come from? I really enjoyed it!

  40. Warmest welcome back Shadow. Very lovely poem I enjoy reading it very much.

  41. I love this.... I don't comment often enough, but I love your writing!!!

  42. Its so touchy......
    awesome wrk again......
    jst awesum.....

  43. Thanks for the love to JP.
    you rock girl..

    love the imagery,
    Glad to see you in.


  44. Greetings, Happy Tuesday! Blessings…

    Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
    Thanks for the support, You Rock!