Wednesday, February 18, 2009

between a woman and a man

auburn hair so smooth, cascading
past her shoulders, down her back
red lips curled in teasing smile
eyes that smoulder almost black

mesmerized by vision
brushing hair from his eyes sight
faintest shadow on his cheeks
sensual mouth suggests delight

with a swing in her slim hips
tantalising and inviting
from her shoulder falls a strap
oh so casually inciting

as he leans against the fence
eyes half-closed against the sun
dark hair curling in his neck
feigns disinterest but it's done

clear vibrations in the air
as they face each other close
separated by mere breath
mingling heat from bodies both

and she offers him her hand
which he takes, they walk away
words unspoken as they know
said as instincts best convey


  1. SHADOW, reading blogs like that--well, if I was not happily married, I'd probably be doing the 13th stepperoni at my morning meetings. SENSUAL stuff, actually Id have to say, your writings are SPIRITUAL. Because that is the way God DID make us.

    Anyway, I LOVE your stuff, as does everyone who visits.

    "...clear vibrations in the air..."

    Ya know, I think if I put my mind to it, I could feel clear vibrations across a city. Thankfully, I no longer have to "put my mind to it"...I've got my "her" at home, separated by mere breath.....

    Thanks for the memories, though. Beautiful!
    Steve E.

  2. Oh, those sensual moments in life... Nice, very nice...

  3. This is beautiful, and so inspiring. I am in the mood to love. Thanks for the rhetoric. the beauty of your soul is so reflective in your writing.

  4. Gorgeous Shadow... mmm you are on a creative it

  5. thanks...thanks for reading me, and for your writing. very inspiring...

  6. Hot stuff. Courtship the way animals do...all good.

  7. You write that:
    separated by mere breath
    mingling heat from bodies both

    Yes, only the moments we have passed in intense nearness are the real life. You have referred to that nearness quite neatly.

    Naval Langa

  8. Rawr! I guess I don't need that second coffee now... I'm totally awake!


  9., I need to go take another shower! ......A COLD shower this time. Whoa.

  10. Wow, this was delicious! The stuff you read slowly over in your mind; a line on the couch, one getting coffee, on the front porch, the edge of the bed...nice. Thanks for droppin by my place. If ya get a chance stop by again as I commented to your comment. Love your stuff! ~Rick

  11. I am going to have to agree with Annie, I need a shower and a cigarette and I don't even smoke!!

  12. and when that last barrier falls away, nothing between the two, shared bliss

    thanks shadow

  13. I love the description of her eyes. That's gorgeous!

  14. Another Gem.......
    It's always a pleasure visiting you Shadow Dancing...G

  15. Fabulous! This makes me wish I could write poetry.

  16. you sure have captured a lot here Shadow ...
    nicely done! :-)

  17. Hi ~ You are the perfect 'cure' for a menopausal woman. I won't need hormone therapy as long as you keep writing! Now I need to go...

  18. Gulp um ... I am quite hot and the best way possible...does anyone have some ice?

  19. Your mind is such a work of art. Everyday something new that gets the blood going, great post.

  20. delicious, a wonderful image, very sensual... "separated by mere breath" adore that

  21. sensuality at its best.

    i am not brave enough to share my sensual writings. i suppose i am shy when it comes to that. i shall work on the courage. :)

    i love your posts. raw but refined at the same time.