Friday, August 7, 2009

55 - a frozen soul

every friday, compose a short story of 55 words - no more, no less. if you want to join in the fun and games and give it a your story and report to the boss G-Man!

cold are the eyes once fiery with passion
frozen the soul as the tundra russian
black is the hair, reflecting the hope
that died when they strangled her with a rope
taking her freedom, visions, her zest
a life once worth living, now possessed
wholly by anger, by fear and pain
innocence taken, effectively slain


  1. Shadow-I like russian black but would like her not slain. We need a rebirth out of the ashes here.
    Love your 55 as always! ~rick

  2. Shadow, you wrote: "...compose a short story of 55 words.."

    Well, it is short--and WHAT a story!
    Well if...!

    BTW, I did not "draw" my picture, it is from G'gle Images. But, thanks! I will go in an link the source right now!

  3. what ever you right makes me feel I want to read more and more and more. I love how you used the black hair letting us know HOPE was gone her zest for life was erased gone.. AWESOME SHADOW

    Have a great weekend

  4. No heroes riding in to save her. Better to die fighting than live on in death.

  5. That worked on the 55 words. I particularly like the first line.
    Blessings Star

  6. You humans are so cruel. Killing one another like that. Her so innocent and tasty too.
    Great 55

    Ours is posted

  7. wow i picture a witch being hung in an old salem witch trial. nice 55

  8. My personal rope was alcohol.
    It turned my soul cold. It killed hope, freedom, visions, and zest for life.

    My 55 of a frozen soul ends with resurrection through the 12 steps.

    Thanks Shadow,

  9. That was mesmerizing. I hope she can find a path out of that place.

  10. You have a strangulation today, while I have a mystery murder for my 55.

    Fantastic, as always Shadow.

  11. I miss reading your words dear friend. You always capture the eloquence of even the harshest tundra of the soul. (Hugs)Indigo

  12. ah its wonderufl these words you seem to so easily lace together...

  13. i enjoyed the economy of language, and the particularly vivid images.
    i enjoyed the quick read.


  14. That was well done and open ended. One can believe she is dead or one can believe she is a slave. In fact it is so well written it allows the reader to construct their own images of what is there.
    Well done

  15. A sad one. I need some happy poems for this Friday.

  16. hang in there, this one is dark, and there are always dark days,
    i know you are not "pollyanna"
    love and hugs across the waves...

  17. well written, Shadow.

    Wish you a day of abundantly of everything.

  18. Wow, had to read it twice, wasn't awake enough this morning to see what you really wrote. Reminds me of a couple of people who I have known that were killed in dope related murders, very sad very sad.

  19. Haunting and intense, powerful...beautiful!

    Thank you, Shadow.

    Have a Wonderful Weekend!


  20. And in the following segment, she becomes the heroine in her own story.

  21. Is there not a fire big enough to melt even the tundra? Let us hope. Start gathering wood now.

  22. Gorgeous and scary poem. Did she becanme a witch? or is it just life that killed her with its harshness?

  23. This troubles me. I hope that the woman with the hair of Russian black will escape the trap somehow, and defy those frickers who would extinguish her flame. I was going to say that perhaps she will come back as a spirit to haunt them, but I sense she needs her physicality to hold her passion. I just don't think this can be the end for her. There has to be a 56th word...and a 57th...and...

  24. I like it -- this could be the setup for one of my books. Terrific choice of picture too!

  25. May she come back with a vengeance to haunt them in their sleep...