Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Around me the world collapses in chaos
to the deafening shouts of an incensed crowd.
Windows shatter from heat and from stones,
and hands are raised in angry fists and sticks that beat the air.
The streets fill with rubble and sandstone turns black
as hungry flames greedily lick up the walls.
The faces around me contorted with rage,
angry mouths shouting unintelligible words,
and I run with the noise for a place unknown
through a blur of people emitting pure hatred.
I finally find shelter in an abandoned building,
away from the acrid smoke of blazing fires
that burns my eyes and nose, so thick it blinds out the sun,
creating an illusion of the onset of dusk in a burning, angry red.
And I hear the screams of pain from the wounded
‘til my mind shuts it out and my world becomes a muted movie.
I huddle, I wait, in shock, disbelief,
of this madness I’ve witnessed this day.
Before my eyes, the known’s been destroyed,
into anarchy all has descended…

‘til I find a strength that’s not my own
and slowly rise to my feet.
I step through a hole that once was a wall
and I stare at the devastation the moving masses left behind.
A silence descends more eerie than screams
over a wasteland of complete destruction.
My eyes dart around, which way do i go,
in this dusk that’s unsettled,
in a smoke thick as mist?
I head through the ruins,
through wreckage and rubble,
towards the coming darkness
of the night,
the only way to escape…


  1. I wish I could write like you. Let alone think along those lines. Love the "and life becomes a muted movie" part.

    Thank you for sharing dear!!

  2. once again you prove that you are a good writer Shadow.
    this such a very nice one.

    have a nice day!

    -Joei- Alvond

  3. The darkness of the night -- your escape -- what does this mean to you?

    I loved your poem.

  4. This is scary, I hope it is not happening, in the past present or future near anyone of us.
    No Your pointer can't eat my Boo cat.

  5. I can smell thick smokey soot of burning tires.

  6. Gosh... This has really moved me dear Shadow. It is the image of Adrien Brody in The Pianist escaping from a chaos which I cannot understand humans can lead to.
    On the other side, the observers...

  7. I've got to say this....Oh My God!! Shadow? What a picture you've created in our minds today!!!! This is outstanding. It's like you have directed, produced and starred in a movie of violence and newsworthy. Whoa...just plain whoa!!!

  8. Shadow Dancing?
    Where did this come from? Are you writing a screen play?

  9. As always, poetic grace in motion...you are a very creative spirit and joy in my life and I thank you for writing...it so amazes and helps me to grow...

  10. You speak to our hearts each time we come here. Thank you!
    Blessings, andrea

  11. I was also wondering if we could get this made into a movie. Then we could all say "yes we know Shadow, of course, she is our friend."
    Yeah, I know I'm silly, but that is a fantastic image there.

  12. wow, have you been watching anderson cooper or channeling children in darfur? this is sad and very real i hope it helps raise awareness of the chaos around the world

  13. wow. you paint such a vivd picture with your words...i can hardly imagine life in a war torn country...i imagine our thoughts would be very different if we were not handed life on a silver platter...makes me thankful for the day...

  14. I'd say you were in Tower Number Two

    God so loves you to have given you this talent (5%) and you must so love us to give us the rest of it--your work (95%)...Thank you, Shadow...Shadow. (sigh!)

  15. wow, this is part of the history of the last generations here , my parents against dictatorship , and me at the 80's as a anarco-punk against everything corporative around in those wars we made at down-town .
    thank you honey .
    when i started to read i didn't see this way i describe now , at first it sounded as a very personal feeling of my every day life .

  16. Amazing how you take us right to that place. It saddens me all the trials and tribulations throughout the world...and then the observers is right! Take care.

  17. Wonderful, you took my mind to so many trouble places today, a world torn apart by violence, ignorance and intolerance. Your poetry is like a fine crafted reporter making us feel what they are seeing.

  18. eerily sombering write here. Scary to think, this is actually happening somewhere outside our protective walls. The end so true, the only place to go, forward.

  19. thanks Shadow. I wonder about the anarchy that exists in this world. And at times it does seem so dark.

  20. reminding us that this is still going on in parts of the world, children being killed for no reason, women trying to protect them, hide and run for freedom, while the sky seems to be crumbling around them. How so many had not a choice but to escape in the dark.

    ty for sharing and reminding to to pray for those who still are trying to escape. SMILES

  21. Shocking, noisy, terrible. A lesson in History, reminding us of past revolutions. I know... It still does happen nowadays. Brilliant description.

  22. You created a dismal place, too scary and chaotic to imagine.

  23. can it, could it, would it happen?
    who knows,
    but you have surely laid out a scenario -

    an analogy for heartbreak?
    a personality in overload,
    grief possessed...

    thinking of you shadow!

  24. There are quite a few of your poems that I've tagged as your "finest work". This one, beats them all.

    It is probably the theme. But, then it is also your writing style that delivered it so well to me.

    Brilliant! Just brilliant! Keep writing!!!

  25. Shads- isn't it something when darkness is the only escape? One holds their breath to the telling and shock takes hold. A different flavor from you. Quite interesting. ~rick

  26. It seems we are both posting about events involving anger as of late. Actually, I've noticed it in a lot of blogger's posts recently.

    Sorry,that was a random thought that occurred to me. As for your writing and this post, it is expressively vivid- like a canvass filled with the darker paints of oils smeared over the pale of pastels gone awry. Beautiful yet haunting in the mind's eye. It stifles one to remember and yet you can't seem to forget. It takes hold of your readers and demands their attention. Well done Shadow, well done.

  27. OOH!!! The CHILLS that come when realising that Night be the only escape-- and it no picnic, many hath proven to me...

    Beautiful, Lady Shadow... absolutely so.


  28. YOU`write beautifully.
    Love the term Shadow dancing

  29. That's quite the picture! Goes well with the poem though!

  30. If you didn't experience something like what you describe, than you definitely put yourself in someone shoes very well when you wrote it. Chilling story you've woven.

  31. Intense and deeply profound writing, Shadow.

    ...and I too am reminded of the film 'The Pianist'...such chaos...


  32. Why do I have this feeling that I know exactly what you're talking about lately? I mean, besides the fact that you are an excellent writer?

  33. Being a New Yorker, you can imagine what this makes me think of. Evocative as always.

  34. War is like that, run from the fire to the dark. No safe place in a kill zone.

  35. I like this - alot. What does that say about me. I like it flows or rather, doesn't flow, but is. No rhyme. None needed. Wouldn't be warranted here. And then the escape at the end, into darkness. Is it really an escape at all? Hum. Lots to think on.