Saturday, August 15, 2009


can you hear me
hear what i say
what i’m whispering in your ear
can you feel
the offering
my heart as soft as cashmere
there for you
an open door
to my lap of fantasies
let’s join in ways
as lovers do
fulfill our destinies

can you see me
that what i see
the visions of dreams inside
waiting for you
to enter in
and lie with me at hearthside
written by gods
of age-old days
a whispering touch in print
to loose ourselves
in sensual worlds
for you to leave your footprint



  1. Oh yes, so beautifully done, I'm on that journey :)

  2. You have this gift for writing verse that normally I would think is not my thing at all, but somehow you make me think it should be!
    I liked this very much indeed.
    Keep it up. Keep bothering me!

  3. what man can refuse that invitation? Nice poem.

  4. My dear Shadow,
    I love you a bit more every time I read you.
    This is maybe the best of your bests?
    Difficult to say.
    Read mine (just posted)
    Thank you! :)

  5. Whoa, Shadow, once again you've topped your own skills...your talent just never stops...amAZing!!

    Happy weekend...I missed that you didn't write anything yesterday. I'm addicted.

    [oh and I so agree with "Mystic Rose" and her comment.]

  6. To open yourself up to another and have that person wonderfully special. Lovely piece.

    "for you to leave your footprint." There is something very primal in those words. :)

  7. Shadowy Shadow! Your beautiful words whispering in my ear :)

    I can see you!

  8. That's a magnificent appeal, a seductive invitation, a call from the heart. Beautiful.

  9. This is so beautiful, and sensual.

    This is perfect" "written by gods of age-old days."

    Love it, Shadow girl!


  10. This poem is sensual but also so endearing. I like that you are asking in a soft sweet way.

  11. "My heart as soft as cashmere" - what a perfectly beautiful thought. I would like my heart to be that way.

    Thanks again Shadow for a beautiful poem,

  12. Yes, I can hear you...

    Shadow, wonderful as always.

    Blessings dear one. ♥

  13. Wait! I did not finish...

    Love you work, Shadow.

    Love what Sweet Rosales wrote, and agree...

    And Love what Calli-girl (special friend) wrote.

    You are all artists in the true sense

  14. Mhm, I too love the "heart as soft as cashmere." And the snarky part of me wants to add, "and just as expensive too!" ;-)

  15. this is not JUST sensual , but very convincent and strong .
    i must to say . the guy for who you wrote this poem is a very good lucky one .

  16. Shadow-an open door for a lap of fantasies. no wonder people steal your stuff. This invites in lovely soft waves and leaves warnings behind. This is why I can't really read you in your poetry. Thhis is so opposing, or seemingly so, to yesterday's offering. Lovely. ~rick

  17. Lyrical and sensuous,"whispers" in a Nocturne. Love it!

  18. piercing
    and sensual.
    an invitation.
    all good.

  19. The pacing is making love slow and easy. The mind the beginning of the place where the footprints begin.

  20. Yay! I always love your post,
    I whisper to you "THANK YOU" for constantly visiting my blog


  21. Really enjoyed the words in the post. Very thought-provoking.

    CJ xx

  22. Hello, Dave King. I do agree with DK that you have such talent of writing verse that normally couldn't be founded.

  23. I am imagining Pink Floyd here! Nicely done! Keep writing!!!

  24. Beautifull poem! whispering in itself is indeed a poetic word to me, along with the image of somebody doing it too.

  25. Mesmerizing in its longing.

  26. Nice one Shadow. Very quiet and soft. Like a whisper.

  27. one day, it will be felt, one day it will be answered. This piece showcases such a great longing within each one of us.