Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The edge of reason

picture credit: http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=reach&order=9&offset=72#/d2st3wk

    'twas the voice of evil spirits loudly rumbling in her head,
that decided fate the day when the clouds were tinged with red,
driving her to edge of reason far beyond accepted norm,
carelessly surrendering to the deeds that cause you harm. 
    And she lay down on the smould'ring bed of fire and it spread,
to the confines of the sacred heart where no one dares to tread,
seeing in her mind's eye tears turn to acid and deform
everything that she once cherished, yet she was beyond reform.
    So she sank into the dusk of the waters laced with lead,
on a path that's sure to take her to the lowest of seabed,
while the frantic pleas from lovers stead'ly faded in the storm,
left her soul in desp'rate need for a breath, just one, of calm.
   'twas the voices of the angels that pierced fin'ly through her head,
woke the need to live and banish from her soul the clouds of red,
driving her to push away from the edge towards the dawn,
yielding to the longed for arms, to their warmth, to which she's drawn.


  1. I love that in almost everything you write, there is the eternal fight between good and evil. I believe this is the reason i connect with your writing so much.
    Brightest blessings.

  2. So glad she found a way back. I truly love your work. I wish I could write as well.

  3. def an emotive piece...felt...and i feel the desperation in her....

  4. Nice, Shadow. Hope that you are doing well. Pushed over the edge of reason is a tough thing.

  5. I just love a happy ending. Very soulful.

  6. Oh my goodness....oh my goodness!!! Again, you've managed to entice me into a realm of intrigue and emotion. Wow, Shadow, you are filled with talents!!

    Hello from Texas!!! It's been way too long since I've visited with you and I was overwhelmed to see you over at Hootin' Anni's! What a delight. Glad to hear you're still drumming and having fun. But, the work being done around your home sounds like....well, WORK!!

    Again, sweet thing, your visit made my day.

  7. A new day dawning is always a chance for letting the sun shine in! :)

  8. Oh my dear Shadow girl, lady!
    This is another masterpiece which so much tell about the color of our rainbows- red and light blue outstanding...
    Missing you- glasd you are back should it be from time to time...ok
    I care

  9. A beautifully imaginative interpretation of the image.

  10. Your mind is unique.
    You find such different photos and either you match the photos to something you have already written or you write something with the photo as inspiration; however you do it, you are at top of the game.

    Is this spiritual?..Or W H A T ?--grin!
    Is this life? Or WHAT???
    Life IS 'big'.

    Oh I feel good being on 'familiar' territory as your blog once again. Let's meet here again some time, OK?

    And I'm glad also you popped in to visit mine!

  12. seek as we may, we're not always successful...

  13. Brilliant Shadow! Reminds me of my last night in a jail cell and finally getting to the point of surrender. Thanks for so beautifully expressing what surrender and new found freedom feel like.


  14. Awesome. What a great read. Thanks for sharing!

  15. you are beautiful wid words!!!!!!

  16. Loved the story telling with its beginng, middle and end. I really felt the depth's.

    Excellent poem!

    Also, I like your choice of photos-wow!

  17. So, I've actually died (no pulse) 3 times. This is something I can uniquely identify with and relate to. It was definitely an experience. Thank you for putting this out there.

  18. Piercing images, quite excellent writing!

  19. Wow Shads, your writing is just brilliant.