Friday, March 9, 2012


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5.15, an early dusk settles on this day
and a veil of silence descends like a comforting mist
that feeds the stillness, desperate to emerge
from the depth of your being,
warm as a lovers arms,
consoling and soothing away the strain
that has bound you, confined you
and curbed the vision
of inspiration
for too long now...


  1. I always love when you post Shadow. The time in between each post, I miss you. Thank you for this one. Love the picture. Hope all is well. Blessings to you dear one.

  2. woohoo...let it flow, break on through...smiles.

    nice textures in how you describe the day...

  3. Sounds like a breath of fresh air sweet friend. I know the feeling of having the vision of inspiration curbed.

    May you find words a plenty. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. And in the stillness comes a small, clear voice...♥

  5. That was like releasing a long held breath, TY!

  6. Ohhhhhhh, my dear Shadow, you don't know how often I think of you, and when you come to say 'hello' to me, it makes me a happy gal.

    And your talent always shines through...the line "a veil of silence descends like a comforting mist"....YOU HAD ME all wrapped up in a warmth that only your words can say. I LOVED this piece of work.

    Ps...yep, I always remember the day of my first date with Bud. It was too memorable to not remember. LOL

    I'd Rather Be Birdin'

  7. Be back later to read and comment, but I wish to apologize--I forget so readily that Spring, and the newly awakened Nature is only happening in HALF the world at this time. You are going into Fall and cooler breezes, and on the road to winter...How stupid (me)!!!!

    I'll be Bach, Shadow.

  8. Beautiful, as always. The image is intriguing and fits!

  9. ah, it's that hour we lost that makes for that early dusk, and makes me crazy till I get my hour back in November!

  10. Hello Shadow, What a lovely blog you have! I really liked your style of writing and your poetry... Following you now!

    Shadow, do you like to read? I just started a blog on books and book reviews, would you please have a look?
    If you think I'm doing a good job reviewing, please follow! It would be so nice to have you as a reader.
    Thank you.Looking forward to your visit!

  11. thank you for your beauty you bring to my thoughts dearest.

    have missed your words whilst I have been away!

  12. consoling and soothing....

    words and rhetoric to speak to me today. Thanks shadow, for writing, and for reading. You are insightful and like a cyber hug.

    mile 191

  13. Shadow, Your poetry just gets better and better and moves me so. thank you thank you thank you. Hugs from Colorado, USA! Jeanne

  14. Shadow awesome. You inspire me to write better and write more. Hope life is treating you good.


  15. well put, shadow

    i'm back - new look, same old shit :O

  16. Verena,
    I TOLD you I'd be back--about 3 months ago! Here I am! Isn't that exciting?--grin!

    OMG! A mist feeds the stillness of that silent veil of early morn. And I get to experience that (on my scooter) nearly every morning...yes! Early!

    Then you go to writing about "gooey" 'love' stuff and lovers' arms, etc.
    Does your husband know you're writing me like that? BIG BIG GRIN!

    Excellent short poetic thoughts, well, spoken. Love your work...time for another, though. Hmmmmm?

    Love and PEACE!
    Steve E

  17. Hi Shads, Just dropped in for a peek. It is beautiful as usual.

  18. I do not know how you can make a Beautiful words

  19. Beautiful. Really.

  20. Its been a while since I have visited your blog.
    Can you tell me in what way have you depicted the morning silence, as in has the stillness lead to obscuring your vision, to curb your inspiration?
    Glad to read!! Keep writing!!

  21. I miss you my dear friend. Think of you often. If you ever stop here again, write me, will you?
    Rick (one big love)~hope the beaners doin okay

  22. Very nice. I feel like this all the time. Sometimes a little frustrating how inspiration and creativity comes and goes. But we writers seem to work through it. That is the beauty of true writer.