Friday, September 7, 2012

The place in my mind

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There’s a place in my mind
with silvery skies,
where pine trees whisper
with the breath of the breeze,
that brings ‘bout a stillness
to the infinite noise
that’s ruling, that I can’t control.

And it’s here I retreat,
where I shut out the noise,
ere the darkness too deep,
creeps too far in my soul,
and smothers my breath,
to the poison that swells
to a plane of hopeless despair.


  1. So good to see you back Shadow. Your writings share an insight to more or less where you have been. Blessings my dear.

  2. it is much better to retreat to that place than allow the poison to take your heart...hey you...its been like forever...hope you are well...

  3. G' mornin shads. What a pleasant surprise!
    Yeah, i escape there, too. Somethin bout whisperin pines and broken skies.
    Always love your words, V

  4. Shadow you are one of the fortunate few who KNOW that there is a place within to retreat to. Oh that more in the world would find that space and live there.


  5. You're back! And what beautiful words, as always.

  6. I sometimes find that place, and then quickly lose it due to lack of controlling my emotional train wreck. I felt your words very deeply. Thank you. Glad to see you writing again......

  7. again my girl rocks in words of shining darkness...

  8. Hi Lady, nice to see you have written something again! It is good to have a place of peace to go, a retreat from the voices.

    Hope all is well in your world. Sending love and blessing your way!