Monday, February 25, 2013


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On a summer’s night full moon it’s the glow of the red light
that captures the stealth of the black cat, as it moves through the shadows
as an unknown entity, the harbinger of the darkness, laced with the tears
of the blood that has fallen with the opening of the door that is white
in its deceitful lie.  A perfect facade that hides the gaping needs of the ones
fated to inhabit this space without the inclination or ability
to escape through the tunnels offered to them by the night...


  1. oOOoo...haunting and alluring poem. makes me think of full moon nights and a room with a huge
    imposing bed and candles.

  2. really intriguing piece...interesting flow to it...i like what you did with the colors as well...makes it really vivid...and there are those that def dont want to escape no matter what ways are created for them....

  3. My life has always been about doors. My most painful time was when I felt all the doors were closing and I was locked inside forever.

    Beautiful as always.

  4. The full moon, the black cat, the enchanted darkness it is a fairytale of mystery and danger.
    Blessed be my friend!

  5. "...A perfect facade that hides the gaping needs" yes, indeed. I can feel it, I can taste it...I know it well.

  6. You can charge a moonstone if you leave it under the light of the full moon for all three nights of it. You can put it on a bed of sage that also has moon properties and corresponds with cleansing, protection, the feminine element and intuition. If you want to cleanse it you can just leave it on some salt under the waning moon or the new moon.
    Ilove moonstones and this necklace is the first piece of jewelery i own with it. I am very excited.
    Have a blessed day!

  7. I walked the night illuminated only by the will to not be apart from it anymore. I walked past many a blood bound door and had to go inside to see for myself what it was that was supposedly safe within the walls. *shrug* I knew then that safe and peace are both states of being. If you know where you placed them you can retrieve them if you never knew them then one must walk well beyond the night.

  8. This is a cool cats I pic and piece. Actually, I wanted to say that the banner title image of the (steampunk) man and woman with the umbrella is one of the most uniquely creative pictures I've seen lately. I seriously just sat and looked at if for like 4 minutes. :D :D :D

  9. Try again: the word pictures and images you create are simply stunning. Ths piece struck me viscerally.

  10. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay oh boy that black kitty sownds like trouble!!! and by trouble i do not meen my layt sister trouble the kitty i meen reel trouble!!! by the way i think that flower is watching me!!! ok bye