Monday, March 17, 2014


I feel a little hurt by life that’s let me down,
the rhymes so well rehearsed, have left a perfect frown,
as what long told should be, in life is never timed,
a dream of fantasy that falters ere it dies.

I once believed in love, in happy families,
a life to be proud of, a seamless unity,
yet that which I have chased is not quite as it seems,
a glittering showcase, that’s captured, not set free.

A heart that’s dipped in stone, a smile that’s mostly fake,
a random off-beat note that sings my life’s mistakes, 
now want me to let go this man into the world,
where truth is but a show and trust a long-dead slur.


  1. i still believe in love...but it comes in quite a few flavors and each of our pathes to it are very different...lots of pain in that last bit...without truth can there be love...

  2. I get it. I know this place of mind this time in space but only you can determine the length of it or the turning of the tide of it. But the good that comes from it may be slightly darker than wanted but at least when you know reality as reality knows itself to be, you can adapt and move forward as 2 or 3. I wonder how many decades it took me to learn that I do not control all that is?

  3. Oh how I wish I could find a poem given to me over 20 years ago. It was about how each heartbreak leaves some scar tissue, and since scar tissue does not feel, each heartbreak leaves one with a little less heartache.

    Now, I know that suffering is relative, in that what may crush one may not leave a dent in another. So, I am not about to compare your pain with my own, but be assured that there are days when it does not hurt so bad.

  4. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay that duz sownd like a rather sad stayt of mind wood it help if i offerd a nose bump and a tayl wag??? ok bye

  5. Very nice. We have all had our moments when life hurt us.

  6. G'Day Shads. Just dropped by to say G'day and have a sticky beak. You writing is wonderful and as powerful as ever. I am sad to find you in a sad place. Chin up baby.

  7. Sad,
    But beautifully written...

    peace and love

  8. Very nice my dear.....

    Easter blessings to you.