Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Voices in my Head

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They’re in my head, they won’t get out,
circling and churning my hist’ry they shout,
there is no silence, there is no reprieve,
the truth is splintered, my today deceived.

I cannot escape their angry torment,
there is no defense to their bitter dissent,
driving each thought with the crap of a whip,
on sanity’s grasp I’m losing my grip.

I pray for the darkness to take me alive,
the little that’s good I now shun and revile,
for silence eternal my voice has stole,
gone all the hope that is left in my soul.


  1. You express beautifully, loved the way words rhyme.

    Silence eternal may have stolen your voice....but you sure is heard loud and clear with your poem. Have a great Sunday.

  2. painful to lose all hope, whats left then you know.....and having lost that i cant imagine sanity is far deceived, i like that turn of phrase...

  3. A sad one, Shadow. Hope that you are doing well and not reviling the good. Your voice here is still strong.

  4. Hi Shadow, you remind me of me 10 years ago only you are much more talented in expressing yourself so beautifully. Hold on there, in your total surrendering a rebirth can take place as unlikely as it may sound. A phoenix always rises from its ashes. Hug*

  5. Wow, Shadow. You truly blow me away. This is the 9/10s I was talking about that poets expose.

  6. Wonderfully expressed. I believe though that hope never completely leaves the soul.

  7. Lovely vintage sign shot juxtaposed with Baptist Church Welcome sign ~ lovely penned poem ~ artmusedog and carol

  8. INCREDIBLE PIECE! I suppose I really don't have all that much to complain about the voices in my head, after all.

  9. Tired and weary,
    dark and dreary...Shadow are so good with your talent,
    rather masterful in your succinctness, expressing well that place where
    nearly everyone has visited mentally....for a time short--or long.

  10. Nice job. I hate voices in my head. They can be confusing.

  11. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay the voices in my hed just tel me i shud shred blankets and towels and carpets and furnitcher and stuffeez and mams klothes so i gess i hav gottin off eezy!!! that seems like an odd hotel to have ben neer a baptist church!!! ok bye

  12. Nicely written piece. it was clear and precise of were your thoughts were...

    peace and love

  13. Your dark poetry is enchanting and this one should be under the banner "One Door away from Hell" gave me shivers' Sorry I haven't been by lately...have to play catch up when RA his way with me due to the rain and snow and freakin' cold!

  14. WoW..... speechless to say the least. Shadow your words of expression are unbeatable. Blessings.