Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The End

picture credit: http://www.deviantart.com/art/Tumbleweed-78268537

It’s the pressure in the air as a thousand black-winged angels descend upon the earth,
the ground underfoot that moves as if walking over a mass of slithering serpents,
it’s the thunder booming ever louder in your heart that leaves you trembling,
as the fierceness of the wind howling in your ears swallows all your words.

And you fear innate reactions as you fear to stay inert
yet the tingling in your skin forces moves abrupt and curt,
as your thoughts keep rolling over as a tumbleweed in flight
there is no way you can flee from the end that is in sight.


  1. dang....scary....and has a prophetic feel to it...with a lot of unease, but yeah, its coming...no denying that...

  2. What a scary post for Earth Day ( whenever that is or was) :-)

  3. Ah, but some ends mark new beginnings.

  4. It definitely feels like a prophecy, something prescient. Beautiful, as always.

  5. The end in sight is definitely a *shrug* "What me worry moment." Do you suppose shadow that the ground at the moment would be like a foot massage for a weary walker?

  6. I agree with another of the comments above: The End has to also be a Beginning, it's what happens, nothing is lost.

  7. It's time for you to write book, to compile all these beautiful and insightful thoughts!! Go for it.

  8. I hope that the end is a long way off. What seems like the end may just be another chapter.

  9. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm sownds like tornado wether!!! tayk cover!!! i wil be under the bed!!! ok bye