Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Journey's End

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In the silence of the moon, quietly curtained by the dark,
she is freed of all suppositions that clutter her conscious being,
and elicits a clarity in her heart that leads her back to him,
as naturally as the shimmering water that flows with the river,
through darkness and through light, to its destined journey’s end.


  1. i wonder about destiny at times...on what is preordained and what we actually control...because i do believe that our decisions can impact our outcome...but destiny...i can hope...

  2. I often know the tree of life is moon grown, the sun is too harsh for most life today.

  3. First time visit - came via Blue Grumpster's blog. Must say you write eloquently, and such a tender moment shared within that poem. Lovely work.

  4. I specially like this line: elicits a clarity in her heart that leads her back to him ~ I am thinking of home, not a journey's end ~

  5. Such a powerful begging, I hope it lasts a really long time.

  6. the words speak of what is meant will come to you, eventually (or you to it in her case).

    and that would make one amazing tattoo!!

    stacy lynn mar

  7. What a stunning piece!
    Glad to find you again.

  8. A breathtaking journey it is....lovely as always Shadow!!

  9. won't the journey be a blissful one if the river finds the sea! Elegant expression!