Thursday, October 30, 2014

Opposing Worlds that Live Within

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     Some days the buffer, that shields her from absorbing
the vibrations radiated by the greater world around her, breaks down.
It stimulates her perceptual intuition to a higher state of awareness,
tumbling her into turmoil and disorder as she sees too much,
discerning the hidden meanings behind the mask of falsehood that’s ever present,
and she escapes into the silent space in her head,
where conscience doesn’t live and guilt has no place.
It’s the darkness that’s within her, which she relishes without misgiving,
that directs her restless and turbulent soul to a cold indifference
as she submits to a hankering that subjugates and enslaves.
     Yet some days the angels embrace her soul with tenderness
that moves into her being as a breath of sweetened air,
leading you with a thirst, to all your unanswered questions,
drawing you in with just a hint of hesitation, just as was intended.
And the touch of the angels linger in the essence of your being,
shifting fearful dreams to an attainable plateau,
and while you fight for dominance between dread and disturbing awe,
their gentle prodding opens your eyes to possibilities you have yet to consider.
     And then there is the day, where nothing is too close,
where nothing can touch her, and she dwells in an impartial mind
that sees things as they are, no emotions to taint the facts,
where the scales are perfectly balanced.
But the answer she seeks most eludes her, even though she is outside,
of these opposing worlds that live within her being.
     One, brimming with love and exuberance that infects everyone she meets,
and where the beauty of the world so humbles her as to render her speechless.
Then, the ever-present dark side she responds to when she's called,
into the dungeon of shady and oblivious pursuits,
where she sates her hunger and fulfills every shadowy desire,
still she thrives on the gratification of both these needs...


  1. leading you with a thirst to all your unanswered questions....nice line...we all have that dark side...and to deny it, we live in a fairy tale world...deny the light and we are ever in the shadow...painful

  2. May your thirst be quenched much sooner than later.

  3. With all the transformations we have to endure, it's a miracle we remain sane.

  4. Full of very different emotions.
    Well written.

  5. My wife often escapes into the silent space in her head.

    You're a true poet.

  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again, you need to publish a book of poetry :)

  7. A battle we all fight...but some struggle with more deeply....You always shed so much light upon the dark places Shadow....a true and beautiful talent indeed!

  8. Wow, this is beautiful. Please submit this to magazines and/or publish a collection. A lot of people would relate to your amazing words.

  9. Soulful .. could relish each word of it!

  10. Now there's internal conflict.
    Shadow Im sorry for not being by to say "hi" lately. I always feel that I have inspiration for three poems when I visit.
    I hope all is well and warm in your world. I read through a number of your poems - none disappoint.