Sunday, January 4, 2015

Solitude, my Anchor

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I treasure the silence that surrounds me,
the absence of the shifting energy
and perceptions that stream through me
and invade my being unwanted,
whilst in the presence of others.

Solitude subdues the inner voices
that drive a need to numb my consciousness,
a place where I feel I truly belong,
to roam with the urges that capture my heart
without pretence or explanation,
where my truth and thoughts
live unforced and free.


  1. i hear you, beautiful thought..."where the truth and thoughts are unforced and free"

  2. Alas, being alone with myself is often a very scary place to be. Thankfully, I have never been truly alone, and He promises that I never will be.

  3. Solitude subdues the inner voices


  4. "I treasure the silence that surrounds me..."
    "Solitude subdues the inner voices..."

    Oh how I relate, and love the way you nicely phrase it!!

  5. Beautiful.
    I so treasure my times of solitude!

  6. I for one feel I have a little too much solitude which cab develop into loneliness.

    Happy New Year to you, my good friend . . . x

  7. i love my 'alone' stressful trying to be social and adhere to what any given person deems 'normal' and 'acceptable.'

  8. Silence. Lol, with kids running around all day and night, this is a dream for me.
    Nice poem. Thanks for sharing.

  9. silence can be a good the right circumstances...
    we all need it...where we can be free to roam...

  10. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay this is how i feel wen i am sayf on my mat dooing mat work with mama!!! the mat is always my sayf playse!!! ok bye

  11. Just stopped by to make sure you're okay. (smile)

  12. Sometimes being around with people is good, but we also need some space for ourselves :)