Friday, January 16, 2015

The Winter of our Soul

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In the dying landscape of a soul that is divided
by complexities as woven into the fibre of her being,
where her heart and her head are warring in a bitter fight of knowing
that the victor will be shedding as much blood as he who died...
exists a draw towards the cold of a frozen panorama,
blinding white so’s not to see, silent in the howling winds,
to stand dormant in this tundra of an unforgiving land
‘til the stars and moon have shifted and her death brings her to life.


  1. The complexity of soul divided ~ I like the cycle of death & life like the seasons ~

  2. Longing for the cold of winter already?

  3. I couldn't tell if my comment went through. Here it is:
    to stand dormant in this tundra of an unforgiving land: utterly powerful.

  4. The complexity of our lifes and the life of seasons end ....

  5. there are many contrasts in our soul that make it so complex...
    the shadows and light...and our draw to each of them....
    and yet out of them our soul is more...

  6. Ah yes, lovely poetry for winter moving towards spring and other contemplative thoughts ~

    Happy Sunday,
    artmusedog and carol

  7. It is a battle within, seemingly all war between slight respites of no war, never peace breaking out. I doubt that is our fate, peace. We have learned to love the loss and pain and join with it in the hope that when we move off to regather it is not in armies but in communities. Communities of no more loss. No more cold.