Friday, January 2, 2015

The Parameters of Time

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In the parameters of time are written,
intrinsic to the duality of our nature, good and bad,
the choices we must make, what dependence we must conquer,
to feel the exhilaration of pure satisfaction
in the form you choose to accept.
You delve into the valleys of your darkest surrender,
to the very limit of your freedom and imagination,
‘til your soul is set free to fly through starlit nights
of such blinding beauty it enhances your sight,
for you to reach that moment in time
when you have touched all whom you’re meant to touch,
and you can fall into the pillow of eternal sleep.


  1. Wow...another deep and poignant piece of prose Ms. V

    I love the line "You delve into the valleys of your darkest surrender."

  2. I love this ... beautiful writing!
    Happy New Year ...

  3. You always manage to stir things deep inside me.May you have a happy and creative 2015!

  4. Your muse is out in full force, Shadow! Love this piece.
    Happy new year!

  5. And you sure reach out with these words to touch us