Monday, May 18, 2015

Barefoot Minds

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I want to walk barefoot through the world
so I may feel the warm sea sand between my toes,
the flowing water over my feet after a summer storm,
the softest wool of a Persian carpet
and the sting of a thorn when I run recklessly through a field.

I want to be naked in your presence,
feel your breath warm on my skin,
feel the heat from your body reach out to mine,
and drown in the waves of your muscles as they move
to the lick of the soft rays on an autumn afternoon.

And I want to open my mind to yours,
read to you from any page, from any book you choose,
simply stretch out in the wonder you raise in me
when the world disappears for brief moments in time,
and I want to trust in you to be the man I can fully trust with me.


  1. What a beautiful and vivid picture you have painted!

  2. very strong emotions and all these qualities definitely any girl would like to have in her partener.

  3. .... me want that too to happen for u and i in our respective lives ...and sum day it'll happen, rite? ... such a lovely poem, omg, shadow ... Love, cat.

  4. PS: I always go barefoot and braless, when home in my nest ... smiles ... Love, cat

  5. I want this someday... I found it once and it was amazing... losing it was sad...

  6. I too want to walk barefoot through the feel the fibers under my feet whether they be sand, rock or soft moss.

  7. Walking barefoot allows us to feel. Being naked leaves us no where to hide. No need to hide and we can just be ourselves. I hope for you, he is the man.

  8. God that second stanza. I miss that feeling of being so taken over by someone who deserves it, someone who moves me like the ocean.

  9. Please feel free! Quite a picture you painted there Shadow.

    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  10. OH! Shadow...what I HAVE been missing, just "superb", girl!
    BTW, I've "...walked barefoot through the (felt) the fibers under my feet whether they be sand, rock or soft moss". For nearly forty years...right and wrong...good and bad (MOSTLY GREAT!!!) right through life..on life's terms--and sometimes on MY terms! LOVELY words from you, Johannesburg Beauty!!!! (I'll be BACH)

  11. I have missed you while you were gone.