Friday, June 5, 2015

From the Shadows of the Forest

I’ve always been comforted by the arms of darkness,
I felt safe in my seclusion,
yet a new thing I’ve glimpsed that’s quite intriguing,
with the lick of the sun occurred... the edge of the treeline, ensconced by the shadows,
a warm and soothing ray stole my awareness
and briefly took my mind into the open brilliant sky,
where a butterfly kissed my nose.

My soul is still scattered in the nooks of this here forest
but the novelty of the sun on my face, is attractive to me much more;
so look for me at the side of the forest that hugs the frolicking sea,
I drink in the nectar of seaweed’s fine mist, soon I’ll dance on that golden shore.


  1. So beautiful, we are a part of nature and in the end we will again become its part.

  2. Such beautiful words about how a butterfly kissed your nose and how the fine mist danced on the shore xox ♡

  3. NIce. The shadows are easy comfort. Hidden tucked away. I have known them as well. I like the transformation/resurrection I feel in this though. The beach does that for me, brings me back to life. As does the forest.

  4. My goodness that entire last stanza. Your poems always make me crave nature and a fresh breeze on my face. It's so beautiful to read.

  5. Emerging from dark places is quite an experience, I should do it myself more often.

  6. Seen the desert last weekend, am at the ocean this weekend, will be on the praries next weekend ... love them all ... as they all have a piece of my heart ... nice 2 c u back. Love, cat.

  7. A butterfly kissing your vivid is that?! Love it.

  8. Youare very talented. 'My soul is still scattered in the nooks of this here forest'... I love it,