Thursday, January 21, 2016

Through misty veils of confusion

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     Why does right, feel so wrong,
why does honourable strangle my spirit,
steal the laughter from my eyes……
     how does it twist peace into misty sorrow,
since when did freedom cut so deep into my skin
it bleeds through sleepless nights when my conscious is clear,
     why does right suddenly feel…… so wrong?


  1. Wow! I totally get this. You've put it beautifully here.
    I torture myself with such thoughts too. But i realised that in my mind the lines that separate wrong and right, honourable and dishonourable etc were kind of blurred. For me to be right, i had to also believe that something else was wrong. And that did not happen. If seen without bias, even contradictory perceptions seem true simultaneously. That is where it gets confusing. :P

    "Confusion will be my epitaph!" :)

  2. The thought of such confusion and uncertainty scares me. What an impassioned piece.
    Visit Keith's Ramblings!

  3. Firstly, the 'criss cross' post below...very in depth, poignant!!
    Secondly, this confusion sets in, the next thing that can only happen is some clarity to it all. Let's hope.

  4. Who's wrong & who's right, by what & who's definition ❓

  5. >>... "why does right suddenly feel…… so wrong?"

    That's a good question, that I happen to be dealing with right now.

  6. this is so beautiful esp the underlying thought and yes, sometimes the good feel so banal and suffocating. apt words and lovely composition :)

  7. The first question in itself is so beautifully put, and the rest of the post follows :)

  8. Good write thank you for sharing

  9. But will someone stand up and say its all so wrong ~ Food for thought here, thanks ~

  10. I guess right and wrond depends on what side you are on.