Friday, January 15, 2016

Today, I Cry...

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I cry for you and I cry for the tears that are falling,
for every loss you suffered, each end you did not plan,
all the sorrow of the nights you cry at 3am because you are invisible and the darkness cannot harm you.
I cry for my forgotten dreams,
the forgiveness I owe myself,
for the scars I drew on others and injustices I executed, fully knowing they came from my own black tears,
never expressed nor acknowledged but hidden behind an impenetrable sheet in the recesses of my mind.
I cry for the tears you’ll still cry,
I cry when I see your eyes shining with happiness,
I cry when the sunset over the ocean’s horizon takes me to my knees
where I can think the thoughts you want me to think
and you bring the quiet back into my soul.


  1. Sometimes I cry ... uhm, often I cry ... and every so often someone comes along and says something really sweet ... and then I cry and smile ... ya ... Love, cat.

  2. Cry for all the regrets and hurts. Well done!

  3. through the windows of our eyes tears drag out all of our burden from heart and we feel light and fresh as sky after rain

  4. and you bring the quiet back into my soul...

  5. May they be turned to tears of joy over your true repentance.

  6. To cry is to purge....doesn't happen enough though