Saturday, January 30, 2016

Running with Wolves

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She didn’t have a chance this girl, running with the wolves,
she walked with him to the edge of heaven,
she was lost sitting cross-legged in the rain.

In her mind sang his song, on her body played his fingers,
she burned with him and inflamed the heavens,
they played through the storm of their own creation.

The glass shatters into a million shards filling thunderous skies with ice,
she is whole when she is broken, she is free when confined by him.


  1. Sounds like a dangerous and intense relationship.

  2. Intense and fascinating. The way you weave emotions through your words is extraordinary!

  3. 'she is whole when she is broken '
    amazing write!

  4. This is really good! I especially like the last few lines.

  5. "they played through the storm of their own creation" What a line...wonderful!!!!