Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Cracks of Time

Crack upon crack,
gathered by passing time,

crack upon crack,
marks of my placement
in this world,

crack upon crack,
inflicted on me, or by myself,
some by choice whilst some had to be,

crack, crack, crack,
the maze of a fractured self,
re-connected by the grace
of heavenly spirits late, late at night.

You may find fissures, you can see the cracks,
but I do stand before you, broken, I'm certainly not.


  1. Motivational. Thank you for this

  2. :) ... yes, friend Shadow ... may the circle never be unbroken ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  3. There is a difference between cracked and broken..we all have some cracks, some just hide them better than others.

  4. Only the wise can present themselves like this. A true portrait if the was and is.

  5. A crack here, a crack there, normal.....but never broken !