Monday, August 29, 2016

I don't need Happy

There is madness in my veins
pumping with a restlessness,
driving frenzied movements,
frantic notions, impulsive deeds.

It speeds through thoughts collected,
scattering focus to the wind
holding my footsteps as they fade,
not for long, in one single place.

Please, you must stop, I need to breathe,
I need to find rest from your driving need to….. what?
You’re carving away at my soul, wearing down my feet,
release my burning muscles,
still my heart, it pounds,
allow me to trust what I believe,
I don’t need happy, I just need peace.


  1. That one was tense and flowed really well. It's like pain - don't need to feel good, just need an absence of pain.

  2. I find much peace in working with my patients, because then I can give, friend Shadow ... Love, cat.

  3. This too, speaks of the longing heart.

  4. Happy is over rated and peace is a conditional state of being. All the world could step aside and take their own baggage with them and that still will never guarantee me peace.

    Drowning out the noise with more noise just doesn't work. This I know from my experience.

  5. This is like a mini-short story! Just beautiful.

  6. i imagine that i am in a field. sitting. under blue sky, white clouds. i am sitting there, comfortable. waiting. hours, days, years, decades pass by. what am i waiting for ?

  7. This touched on the problems of duality

  8. That is a peace I need now as well��