Sunday, August 21, 2016

Scars of Love

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Here is a tale from the heart that is mine
all I have said and I’ve felt inside
big is the touch you have left on me
I am marked by you, it was you set me free

...we collided with a thunder in a dark deserted street
through storms that raged in skies and under feet

our wish, our desire, our ruin, our defeat
a story that’s written, preordained we'd meet

we fought and battled, satisfied our love
followed senses, while sense, mmm, not so much

we have scars
from the claws
of our love

now it’s time
I can start
no matter how
getting over you
for as long
as I find

for as long as I find myself again©


  1. © this is the 'poem' version I adapted to lyrics for music written by The Bean

    Quite different the rhyme, something I wasn't aware 'of til doing this, between written rhyme and vocal, singing rhyme, a different box I had fun playing in *smiles*

  2. It had a great rhythm.
    Sounds like a love, now gone, that was most intense.

  3. I enjoyed this latest poem from your soulful pen!

  4. I was once close. Appreciate the reminder.

  5. Lost at one time? Maybe. Colliding in the darkest night beset by rain? Yes that is always good, it is then when we are found for at least a moment, the lightening illuminates without prejudice all that there is to see. The oddest thing about finding the self again is them doing the finding (thankfully) are usually the last to recognize it my friend.

    To quote the Psychedelic Furs "it feels like love..."

  6. I promised 34 years ago, and a promise is a promise ... or ... are promises there to be broken, friend Shadow? Love, cat