Friday, September 2, 2016

...blown-in by the breeze

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     I miss you with an indescribable intensity,
those early days of spring from a few years gone past,
how our limbs responded to a lure we couldn't withstand,
how we were drawn into nights warm with teasing laughter, dancing,
until we touched the edge and immersed ourselves in the other.
     We sidestepped the rulebook to extract forbidden pleasures,
drank, to relieve a thirst which only grew, it did not wane,
sailing through summer nights on pine- and moonlit breezes,
we were revellers in the fount of unimagined satisfaction
only spirits alike could ever hope to attain.


  1. How far do we go to attain the once unattainable? Touching the dark sky is at times when we become most alive.

  2. You are so on the mark. Your words are our feelings

  3. How beautifully you put feelings into words.

  4. Yet it once WAS attained ! That is the rememberence !