Friday, September 30, 2016

From Me to You

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You know, I’ll love you for all time,
show me everything you find,
every sorrow and every lie,
I will heal your soul and mine,
yours and mine……

Your heart is filled with some much pain,
let it be, what can you gain,
your tears flow through me like the rain,
I want to take it all away,
all away……

Now let’s dance right through the night,
come to me, please do not hide,
I need you near me, by my side,
I will take you to the light,
to the light……



  1. The ultimate relationship. A safe place that I haven't found in another person only sometimes within myself. Trusting that everything will be all right. Nice.

  2. Wow!! a love that takes away the pain and leads to happiness, such kind of love is rare, full of devotion. I loved this poem , amazing!!!

  3. Awesome! It's a short story within a beautiful poem.

  4. A wonderful moment shared. Love how this is composed

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wil be happy to show yoo evrything i find!!! i wil show yoo old shooz and stuffeez and stuf wot i dug up in the yard and skwirrels and all kinds of things itll be grayt!!! ok bye

  6. I find that the past pains are released in smoke.