Monday, October 3, 2016


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Why won’t they go away
the images
replaying one episode
again and again
a loop
every detail into my being
filling my memory bank
leaving no place for hope or light.

  Why won’t they fade away
the voices
repeating that sentence
over and over
every words cuts through me
splinters and divides
the last ounce of strength I have left to fight.

  I’m rendered speechless
no sound passes these lips
jaw firmly clenched
the words stay trapped in my head
and I’m frozen in this space
forced to feel every detail and vibration
as clearly as the day it happened.


  1. Our mind's a melting pot of thoughts, even in isolation we are not alone.

  2. One horrible moment that stays with us forever.

  3. Haunting insght into the shadow of a mind

  4. It is odd to me to be isolated through a past incident Shadow. I am isolated in my present because as a thinking man I choose to not participate any longer in the grind that so wears people down.

    Silence, my own thoughts, my communion with that which is other than me--it is only my past which makes it a peaceful occupation of my soul.