Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Your spirit, my song

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/389139224032054151/

Here again, this here’s for you
from the cold of the winter it grew
it drew me to you,
sea sand and sunshine is past
making love on the grass
all that is past,

you made me feel I belong
your spirit, my song
our song,
now you left, you have gone
I am lost, can’t move on
move on……

Cold it is this last goodbye
for love and our sins we will die
yes we will die,
our dreams now in the past
touch me you touched my heart
all that is past,

you made me feel I belong
your spirit, my song
your song,
what of us has become
you have left, you have gone
you’re gone……


  1. Those would make some awesome song lyrics. You captured the image perfectly.

  2. https://www.youtube.com/embed/-4J8Qmf5fQ8?rel=0&controls=0&showinfo=0 ... Love, cat.

  3. The pain of being left alone is too much to handle, love this poem as always:

  4. Hi Ms. V!!!

    I had to go out to Google and search for the bird. OMGoodness...what a gorgeous bird!!! [does your sister, the one that likes birding/birds] live in SA also?


  5. Great song. Sad songs sell, ask Orbison

  6. As Alex says, I could imagine this as a heart-breaking ballad. Beautiful words, Shadow.

  7. Every piece you post, Shadow, just gets more and ore beautiful and poignant. Now: where's your book??!

  8. i could vomit out some words,
    mete out my love with my little clenched fists,
    whisper "butterfly" in her ear,
    seeking no permission, no approval, no understanding,
    my blackeye and scratches still stinging,
    or singing, or ringing,
    i have no offerings, burnt or otherwise,
    no excuses, no exceptions, no explanations,
    no profound or clever quips,
    only impossible depth,
    passion beyond passion,
    each addiction, delicious but denied,
    like cold hard river stones,
    or untouched erection

  9. Very ethereal and creative photo and so fitting for your poignant song words ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  10. Hey sweet friend! Your song is beautiful!!

  11. I am just awondering if the grass grew better, greener and stronger once someone spared some love upon it?

    Them that are truly loved, in my experience, never are gone or seen leaving. Such is the nature of that state of being Shadow, to have loved is to be love always.