Sunday, November 13, 2016

I'm your man

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 come with me
take my hand
you will see
come on with me, babe you can
 what will be
it began
you'll agree
see what I see, I’m your man

 I will take you to the place where
we are free to live our dreams and
there’s no sorrow, not a tear, no!
shunned the nightmares you have seen, let’s

 leave behind the poisoned breath of
yesterdays and draw anew our
life the way it’s meant to be, yeah,
come to me and let me love you

 follow me
trust, you can
let it be
your life with me, take my hand
 meant to be
in the sand
air we breathe
I will love you, I’m your man

 Let me show you where I’d take you
I can see dreams in your eyes and
you should let your heart rule you, yes!
leave the whispers in the dark nights

 we could rise beyond the new moon
play on playgrounds we’ve created
we would know which way to go, yeah,
follow me and let me love you

                                  the end


  1. "I'm Your Man" by Leonard Cohen ... Love, cat.

  2. Wonderfully enticing. So smooth

  3. the only love there is,
    the raw potato we share,
    - and the dignity

  4. Very alluring piece....
    "leave behind the poisoned breath of
    yesterdays" Wonderful line....

    peace and love