Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Collection

picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/375909900125566132/

You say I affect those around me, you say I make you nervous, anxious.
Nervous. Anxious.
Is why I was medicated and lost my young memories
Is how I was taught to believe my natural instincts to be unacceptable, unreliable
This I accepted without question, chasing numb above feeling
in a haze of escape lasting long after they stopped handing me those little red pills,
but I eventually removed myself from the play, changed the backdrop and the script,
finally listened to the voices in my head…

Tell me, have you felt my eyes burn through you when you’re in my sight,
seeing past what you present, past the lines you’re repeating,
have you felt the air around you ignite, that tingling on your skin?
with an excitement, pleasure, passion you can’t ignore,
I don’t speak many words, but you know the one’s I speak are true,
you know you are safe, accepted as you are before me now,
how you got here……. I have fallen as often as you……

When I feel, I feel deeply, intensely, absorbing my surroundings, you,
you are meant to feel my presence.
Sometimes I disturb you, make you nervous, anxious,
sometimes I sweep you up with my energy, inflame,
sometime I take you high enough for you to see over the horizon,
and sometimes, with me, you can drown…


  1. Thank you for expressing and putting into words this meaningful moment

  2. You certainly threw off the shackles with this one! Beautifully done, Shadow.

  3. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo had me at nervus ankshus and medikayted!!! those three things deskribe me to a t!!! ok bye

  4. The God within us all. Just waiting for an opportunity to show what is possible. To unlearn all that we were taught and be free. My translation.

  5. Fuckers did throw up a lot of chemical resistance to us becoming adults didn't they?