Friday, April 28, 2017

My Season

The once innocent in me
didn’t know I’d lost the key
in an emptiness that seeked
highs and lows that dove and peeked,
I was led into a prison,
choices made, I didn’t listen,
didn’t understand the frisson,
couldn’t see what I was given.

But the answers live in me,
understands this misery,
shed my tears so I could be,
I accept what I now see,
with love, so has been written,
give yourself to fill what’s missing,
what I see is not illusion,
it is meant, it is my season.


  1. i live with a mountain every day, fighting and righing in front of me, friend Shadow and we'll conquer it every day, hmmm ? ... 2 more bills to pay, and i'll b smiling at the tax season 4 this year ... smiles ... Love, cat.

  2. Hope things are sorted and easier now . . . :)

    Cheers and hugs, Eddie x

  3. Excellent composition. I see how you used the "rhyme" scheme to illustrate the situation.

  4. Time lost it is a part of our journey seeing where we have been and finding acceptance and the will to go on. Nice.

  5. Sometimes it is hard to see what we had
    until it is gone, gifts of the heart
    given freely are the ones missed most