Tuesday, May 29, 2018


picture source: https://za.pinterest.com/pin/ATUuqnTuBGykhm1X68NfSs68d9IF6MqwvN_VaLxL0qAFRUDtMU1Epy0/

Have you found the gateway to other realms scattered oh so plentifully around us,
ones which instantly transport you into other dimensions?
These doorways to worlds alive in your mind, built by your memories and your imaginings,
your own creation of visions granted you on your daily wanderings,
limitless as your dreams, intoxicating as your favourite drug, the perfect avenue of escape…

when you’ve have enough of the assault on your senses in this toxic world,
when the noise in your head threatens to blow your present reality into derailment,
when the idiocracy you encounter burns your being when attempting to engage,
when your heart cries as witness to the self-destruction by fools disguised as our leaders
who have pledged allegiance with higher masters who will erase them as soon as their duty is fulfilled.


  1. ... Yes I have found and seen, friend Shadow ... Awesome, awesome post ... One of your best ever ... Hugs and love and all that jazz ... Love, cat.

  2. Well said! Imagination will take us to a better place.

  3. Every evening when I go to bed I open the gateway and leave daily life behind. Many times it is a visit to the past which, many times brings back memories long forgotten. Other times it is future wishes, especially of the apartment I hope to find. I guess you could actually call it a visualization exercise. I furnish it the way I want. Of course, this is only a wish as my hubby would never really go for it. I love Bohemian. He is more modern.

  4. and they are so often camouflaged as the ordinary

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay wen i find doorways i am suppozed to wayt at them until mama opens them or sez it is ok to go thru them do theez doorways wurk that way too??? ok bye

  6. I don't often but I would like to try to more.

    You don't post with great frequency but I am always happy to see when you do. I relate, get challenged, or just enjoy your talent. Have a great day.