Friday, May 25, 2018

I miss

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I miss
being silly and goofy, impulsive, a little irresponsible,
laughing without thought and getting soaked in the rain,
staying out late and sleeping late, playing hooky and lazing away the time,
getting my clothes wet from playing in shallow waves,
walking barefoot through the village, preferably with an ice cream cone in my hand……

These are 55 words Galen Hayes's way, Joy at Verse Escape is our new host. If you want to play, head on there.


  1. The days of blissful youth!
    Although I never went barefoot. I didn't like to get dirty, even my feet.

  2. Something to be said for all of those for sure

  3. I will come along in your & all!

  4. I miss certai things and peeps too, friend Shadow ... but then ... not ... cuz I cannot afford to fall apart ... I can afford to pay $2000/ month in a suitable facility but I can not afford to fall apart ... go figure, eh? ... anyway ... you havin a nice Winter down, down, down South? ... Love, always, cat.

    1. ... Typo Alert!!! I pay $2000/ year for property taxes on a condo I bloody own all by maself ... and I like it dat way ... smiles ... and yes, me still walk barefoot every chance I can get ... smiles ... Much love, friend Shadow ... cat.

  5. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm that sownds like me as a puppy!!! wel eksept for the part abowt having hands i meen!!! ok bye

  6. ....and ice cream all over my face. I can so relate to this Shadow!