Thursday, May 10, 2018

I am the darkness

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I am the darkness in your soul
I catch the light and deflect its warmth from your skin
I turn the notes which flow into a tangled mess of discord
I am your nightmare waiting for the perfect moment to rip you from your carefully crafted dreams
spinning your peace into a void of dwindling madness
each time it’s harder to rise to the surface
each time shortens your breath
weakens your limbs systematically
wears you down with the weight of your fears and guilt
forces your ego to the forefront
poisons the steadfast
de-rails you from your chosen path
blinding you from the truth of who you’re becoming
when only darkness rules your soul.


  1. I know that person. He used to visit far more often . After reading this, I feel him behind me, waiting for his moment. Not now though, everything is ok.


  2. Aaargh . . . if you miss me, I'll be climbing to safety!

  3. Inspired me the importance of a bright soul.

  4. hello shadow its dennis the vizsla dog hay hmm this darkness duz not sownd like ennybuddy i wood like to meet!!! altho dada sez i am imyoon to that sort of thing on akkownt of i am a gud dog but stil!!! ok bye

  5. Where there is darkness there can also be light, one must press forward let light filter into the soul.

    Bright Blessing!

  6. You have nailed it head on Shadow!! So true to how the darkness can overtake....if we let it.